Bonjour!  Je m’appelle Karin.  Hi!  My name is Karin.

“Writing about the Journey and the Journey about Writing.” 

What does that mean?  “Writing about the Journey” refers to moving to Paris and my life as a Master’s student.  The “Journey about Writing” therefore tells the story about the ups and downs on the path of writing children’s books, finding them their home, and becoming a published author!

K. A. C. Johnson


I am a pre-published children’s books writer, Master’s student, and transplant to Paris.  I am originally from El Paso, Texas.  Yes, that means I could see Mexico every day and yes, you could go to Mexico by walking across the border and paying 25₵ each way.  I have moved across Texas, from West to East, over the past 10 years.  When I was 18 years old, I was a Rotary International Exchange student to Belgium.  I also did a 3.5 month internship in France my senior year of college.  I have a BAIS (International Studies) in International Relations and a BA in French.

In August 2012 we embarked on a new journey to move to Paris for an indefinite amount of time.  “We” is made up of me, my husband extraordinaire, AJ, and our two cats, Jack and Willard (collectively known as “The Boys.”) I will be undertaking my MA in International Affairs at the American University of Paris (AUP).  My husband will be doing a Baking and Pastry program at L’École Supérieure de Cuisine Française Ferrandi (ESCFF).  Jack and Willard will perfect the art of being lounge cats in Paris… 

I also write.  I write children’s picture books, easy readers, and puzzles.  Within these categories, some projects are English-French bi-lingual.  I’m currently looking for a literary agent to call my own.  I will also write my Master’s thesis.  It discusses the impact of state behavior on culture.   Check back later to read more posts on my thesis.  Finally, I write this blog (thank you for visiting, by the way).


My writing changes with what research and projects I am tackling à la minute.  I am an absolute lover of the French.  The country, the language, the culture and people, and the food and wine.  I am a general lover of: books, writing, and paper; food, wine, and beer; travel, languages, and culture; yoga and swimming; and animals.  I love the smell of paper and the feel of books.  My husband extraordinaire is a chef so I love eating and I can never know enough about food and cooking.  I absolutely love kitties and I firmly believe that everyone needs a furry friend.  My number one passion is history.  I love love love cultures and old stuff.  Anything new to me is exciting and if I don’t know you, well, enchanté! It’s nice to meet you!

Bienvenu chez K A C Johnson Books!


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