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Move-in Special

1 Aug

I am happy to write to you from our new apartment!

Over the past few weeks we got things prepared to move from our first apartment in Paris to some new digs just outside of Paris. Moving is not a new sport to AJ and I and you could almost say it is like a hobby of ours. We have moved almost once a year for the past nine years.

Moving AptV

We have moving down to an art. Basically AJ and I pack our stuff and the household things separately and don’t go back through the other person’s packing; create a donation bag; move; and cap off with the final (and most important) touch — the kitties! This time we did things a little differently. We moved everything except for the cats and our food stuffs in one day in three trips on the metro and fogged the apartment for bedbug prevention. (Do you remember our nasty bout with bedbugs the first few weeks we arrived in Paris? Refresh your memory here.) Finally, AJ always always cleans the old place while I stay at the new place and begin a thorough cleaning and organization showdown… except for the kitchen (that is AJ’s domain).

We are quite happy with how things are feeling more like chez Johnson. AJ loves the full kitchen. All four of us love the terrace. I love the multiple seating areas (because honestly, I missed sitting on a couch to read and to watch movies).

The best part about it? We are all together.

Check it out:

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Pets on Vacation

27 Jun

No one has asked this question, but I’m going to answer it anyways, “What are you guys going to do with the cats while you are away for 30 days walking the Camino?”

The culture of pets is different in many different cultures. I have observed that some pets are often considered as an extension of the family and sometimes get the King-of-France treatment. Others, are working at it. In France it is required to take a month or two off for vacation. France has been known for high numbers of abandoned pets during that time. They are working on this problem and I have seen advertising campaigns  in the metro that say, “Some abandon, some welcome.” Good job!

As much as I will miss our furry friends, we cannot miss the chance for our first Camino. As early as a few months back we started launching the idea among our friends. We offered something like this: Come stay in our Paris apartment for free for one month, feed two kitties twice a day, scoop poop, change a litter box once a week, and pet a kitty when the need arises.

Right now we have a friend who rents a room with a French family and we offered him the opportunity so he could live alone for a month and also have access to an oven and a four burner range. But, he just started a new station at his job — and it means 16 hours of work a day.

Alternatively, our current landlord has offered to host the cats at her house with her one female cat. Sounds kind of scary, but hey, it’s an option.

Our boys are very good and are good eaters and sleepers. However, I have come to grips that normal people will probably NOT feed our cats the homemade food of tuna-carrot-rice goodness, so they may just have to survive off of kibble for a month. Hey they did it for almost 5 years, what is one month?!

So our Kings of France will go on kitty vacation and continue purr-fecting the art of lounging around in Paris.

Sunglasses Cat

Picture credit: Sunglasses Cat

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